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Your Privacy

We have the utmost respect for your privacy and we will do everything we can to protect it. This privacy notice will tell you how we do that, and explains your rights under both the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the earlier United Kingdom Data Protection Act.

Importance of this document

It is important that you read this document carefully, as well as our terms and conditions document, because between them they lay down the basis of our relationship and the terms under which you are permitted to make use of this website.

Responsible person

The person responsible for drawing up this privacy policy and ensuring that it is enacted is Alfred Norton of 120 Bark Street Bolton Greater Manchester BL1 2AX. Any questions or comments that you have about this policy should be addressed to Alfred Norton In the first instance. His contact details are on the 'Contact' page.

Your rights to complain

If you believe that your rights to privacy have been breached by any person connected with the management of this website you should contact us in the first instance. If we cannot settle the matter between us you have a right to complain to the office of the information Commissioner, which is at

Our collection and storage of data

This is essentially a non-commercial website. As such we do not make any effort to collect personally identifying data about any visitors to this website. We may however store any data which you send to us voluntarily about yourself. This can only happen if you get in touch with us via email, post, telephone or text message. We cannot collect personally identifying information about any visitor by any other means. As a result you have complete control over any personally identifying data that you choose to send us.

Collection of non-identifying data

The record is kept of every visitor to our website. This is generic information about the pages that our visitors have looked at, how long they stayed on these pages, and in what order. In a small proportion of visits we are also able to see the search terms that our visitors used in order to find our website via a search engine.

We can also get statistical data about the types of devices that our visitors were using at the time they viewed our website, including the kind of software that was on these devices.

We must stress that this is generic information only which we use for statistical purposes in order to analyse the use of our website. None of it can be linked to any individual visitor and we cannot use any of it to personally identify any visitor.

Sorting of data

We do not make any attempt to sort personally identifiable data about our visitors. We may from time to time sort the non-identifying data so that we can analyse trends in the usage of our site and hopefully improve it as a result.

Disclosure of data

We do not disclose data of any kind to any person outside our own small organisation and we do not propose to do so in the future unless we are compelled to do so in order to comply with legal obligations, or in order to protect ourselves, our visitors, our computer and server systems, or our website from current or prospective risks.

Sale of data

We will not transfer any data about any visitor to any other person for financial gain.

Sites that we carry links to

We link to websites which we feel may be of interest to our visitors. Our privacy policy covers our own website only, and not the websites that we link to, and which are managed by other organisations. You should ensure that their privacy policies are acceptable to you before making use of their websites.

Management of your data

You are entitled to request a copy of any data that we hold about you individually. You are also entitled to refuse permission for us to sort this data in certain ways, and to ask us to put right any data which is incorrect. If you feel that we have any data which personally identifies you and which could fall under any of these categories would you please contact us and we will let you know what data have about you.

Deletion of your data

If you do not wish us to continue to store any personally identifying data about you please let us know and it will be deleted.