The Lamborghini Story

told through the cars they built

If you are to believe the legend - and who am I to argue - Lamborghini cars only came into existence because two very rich men fell out with each other over whether or not a car with constant clutch problems was the fault of the car or the driver. Ferruccio Lamborghini, the driver and a tractor manufacturer, felt insulted - a dangerous thing to do to a rich Italian - and decided that he would get his own back by building better cars himself. Just like that. Perhaps he had heard the saying that building a better mousetrap was the way to take the world by storm. However building a car that could not only allow (at the risk of being labelled sexist) testosterone fueled young men to travel cocooned with equally young and attractive companions in sexy looking conveyances at very high speeds but still being reasonably certain to get them safely to a ski chalet in the Alps, a swish hotel in Portofino or an embassy cocktail party without incinerating them, poisoning them with fumes or wrapping their broken bodies around a tree was a bit more complex than creating a device for snapping a tiny helpless rodent's neck. Nevertheless he succeeded - at least at first.

No empire lasts for ever however. After a fuel crisis and a series of financial catastrophes many previous playboys became more interested in avoiding creditors and starvation than frittering money away on high powered toys and the company crashed and fell into other hands - several times in fact. it is currently in the hands of Volkswagen - which has yet to pay the full price of dieselgate - so it's future, like it's past, is far from certain in a world which just might have fallen out of love with highly expensive supercars - a world in which family cars which sell for relative pennies can outperform the incredibly expensive Lamborginis, Ferraris and Maseratis of the early days. So who really needs or can make full use of a car that can do 200+ miles per hour in the era of speed bumps, unmarked police cars and Gatsos? In these environmentally conscious days we (and the car manufacturers) may find the answer to that question very soon.

In the meanwhile the original tractor business that Ferruccio Lamborghini set up is still plodding on, creating solid, unspectacular, faintly boring but profitable tractors and seems set to do so for ever. There is a moral there somewhere.

Lamborghini 350GT Image


Enzo Ferrari insulted him - so he built this

Lamborghini Miura Image


The successful car that Ferruccio Lamborghini never really wanted to build.

Lamborghini 400GT Image


Lamborghini's first real grand tourer

Lamborghini Espada Image


Beautiful, fast, popular, and a rustbox

Lamborghini Islero Image


A (fairly) conventional car from Lamborghini? Surely not

Lamborghini Uracco Image


An excellent car but woefully overpriced

Lamborghini Countach Image


'Countach' means something like "Holy S**t'. Well named

Lamborghini LM002 Image


The Lambo Rambo? or Rambo's Lambo?

Lamborghini Diablo Image


One of the best cars ever built. seriously.

Lamborghini Murcielago Image


Audi's first Lamborghini, and a hit.